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Why Pureis CBD?

Pureis was founded by Chanelle
McCoy and Caroline Coen, both
with extensive pharmaceutical
training and experience.

When they became aware of the many misleading and poor-quality CBD products
on the market, they resolved to develop a safe, certified product for the consumer.
The rest is Pureis history.

Why [Pureis] Lab Made CBD?

CBD can be made in one of two ways:

1. Processing cannabis plants – isolating CBD and
attempting to remove all impurities;

2. Synthesising pure CBD in a laboratory.

It is nearly impossible to extract pure CBD from the cannabis plant. There will always
be traces of other cannabinoids, including THC, the addictive part of cannabis.

Pureis is made by scientists, using citrus fruits to produce pure CBD by mimicking
specific sections of DNA from the cannabis plant. Because there are no impurities to
begin with, there are no impurities in the end product. All you get is completely safe,
Ultra Pure CBD.