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Science-backed CBD brand Pureis® makes history with first-ever Positive Safety Assessment from UK Food Standards Agency.

Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD has achieved a significant milestone for the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry, receiving a Positive Safety Assessment for a CBD product from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). This marks the first time a CBD product has been granted this endorsement and is a major step by the FSA, paving the way for a safer more responsible era to shop CBD in the UK. Until this announcement no CBD food supplement product had received this Positive Safety Assessment for a CBD product in the UK. The FSA concluded Pureis® had provided sufficient information to assure their Ultra Pure CBD is safe as a food supplement.

This endorsement from the FSA Scientific Committee indicates that Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD has successfully fulfilled the rigorous criteria necessary to progress to the final stage of the Novel Food Licensing process.

The UK is the first authority globally to conclude and publish safety assessments for CBD food supplement products. Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD is the world’s leading brand of Lab-Made CBD food supplements which are manufactured in the UK and rigorously tested, contain 0% THC, are non-addictive and sustainably produced. Pureis® is the first Ultra Pure CBD food supplement to receive this Positive Safety Assessment. Being Ultra Pure ensures no pollutants, toxins, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides and other cannabinoids that can occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

Only CBD brands who have invested significantly in Safety Clinical Studies have achieved this Positive Opinion, taking Pureis® nearly a decade to achieve this. Consumers will now have added reassurance in the safety of Pureis®Ultra Pure CBD, thanks to this Positive Safety Assessment from a leading regulatory body, empowering them to shop the Pureis® range with confidence.

“This is a monumental achievement and a complete game-changer for the CBD industry,” said Chanelle McCoy, CEO of Chanelle McCoy Health, the brand owner of Pureis®. “We are thrilled Pureis® is the first CBD brand globally to receive this Positive Safety Assessment officially from a leading regulatory authority. Unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, we’re positively shaping the CBD industry with compliant, science-backed products.

With this milestone, Chanelle McCoy Health is poised to expand its product portfolio, incorporating CBD and other active ingredients into new Orals and Topicals. This strategic expansion aims to help the consumer navigate the product they choose for their particular needs. These expansion plans not only signify diversification of the Pureis® product range, but also offer the potential of new job opportunities and economic growth within the UK.

CBD is classified as a Novel Food which refers to food products that are either entirely new or produced using methods not previously used for human consumption. This category includes CBD, as it’s a relatively recent addition to the mainstream food market.

Novel Food regulations[1] ensure the safety and transparency of these new products. By undergoing a rigorous approval process, global authorities ensure that consumers can be confident they’re getting a high quality and safe CBD product.

A Novel Food authorisation/approval requires extensive safety studies to be carried out by internationally recognized Clinical Research Organisations adhering to Good Laboratory Practice and Good Clinical Practice principles. This includes; clinical testing to ensure product purity and consistency and toxicological evaluations to comply to all the consumer safety requirements.

Pureis® is also under registration in over 40 countries globally registering its Lab-Made Ultra Pure CBD as a food supplement.

NB. Pureis Ultra Pure CBD capsules and oils are a range of food supplements, not intended to treat or prevent any physiological or psychological disease.

*Safety has been established by the UK Food standard Agency publication of their scientific opinion on Chanelle McCoy Health CBD novel application by

[1] (Regulation (EU) 2015/2283)